December 18, 2010


Its been a while, eh? Well life has been absolutely crazy for me...

While completing my final classes for school I have been working at the Swan as well as my internship at Terebinth. Forget having a life in the middle of all that junk..haha Life will slow back down come the end of January. My internship will be over and only have one tiny class to take and then I am done with school. I would have been done in January but the class wasn't available this term. :(

I am loving my time at Terebinth, I've learned a lot from the Chef/Owner. She is an incredible person. My time there has taught me that I really do desire to bake and perform in the Pastry Arts. I want to.

Life at the Swan can be stressful, and can cause me to become angered very quickly. And I don't like that. I realized that the other day, I don't want my job cause me to become something I don't like or want. So I have been a little more observant of my attitude and even my body language.

And with as much as it stresses me out sometimes, I like it there. I have met and become friends with some great people. I have gained so much knowledge from my Chefs, and co workers. This past week the three nights that the Swan was opened my co-workers and I did such a great job throughout service. That made me happy, reminded me why I like my job.

By the way, did you know that Christmas is a WEEK from today? Thats super crazy, it doesn't feel like the same Christmas I am used too..and let me be honest I have been a little consumed with I am getting people, or baking for people. Or what my schedule is going to be like so I can make plans with my family or friends..when really its not about that. Not even spending time with my family.

Its about God's gift to me, remembering Christ who was born to give us life. So thanks, but remember what the true meaning of CHRISTmas is.

November 8, 2010

Hello Monday..

What can I say? I am really bad about writing in this thing. Not that anyone reads this, but I do always think to write in here. But life around here has been crazy!

I started my final externship at the little shop I had talked about before. Terebinth: A Sweet Retreat is such a fun place to work. I have been able to do many fun things. My average work day at Terebinth consists of my making cookies doughs, red velvet cakes/cupcakes, chocolate and yellow chiffon cakes, pate a choux, pastry cream, various coulis and sauces. The list could go on for a while, not only do we have sweets for individual purchase but we also do special orders. Last week we had a order for over 1500 cookies. Two day process, and not just one type of cookie either. I mixed, baked, and wrapped up over 500 cookies myself. I really am having a good time over there, it has really shown me that pastry arts is something that I want to do.

Saying that, do I want to leave Founders Inn and go there full time?!

Absolutely! Some things have changed at the Swan and not for the better. And no I am not scared of change, I like change sometimes it is necessary. I really do like working at the Swan, but my co-workers are the problem. And even though Terebinth is so much better and could lead a something awesome for my life. I can't leave the Swan just yet.

Before I can do that, I have to have a good talk with the Chef/owner. She wants me to work full time, and she really likes my work ethic and production. I can't leave the Swan because I am making semi-good money, i have benefits, and a dependable job. Terebinth is a new business, and I don't wish harm or bad luck but who knows if this will succeed enough to survive the world. I really want to work full time at Terebinth, I am happy there, its what I want to do, and its the hours that I like to work. I am a early person through and through, so baker hours are a piece of cake.

A lot to pray and think about.

Good news, school is almost over! I only have two more classes, I started one today for this term. And its online, so I don't even have to go to the school. Its going to be nice. Come the end of January I will be done with everything for school, classes and externship! I am so excited!

I don't know what I want to do, but I want to do something for graduation. Whether travel or whatever! All I know is that I am going to take some time off work and do something, and just relax. :) I can't wait. Ideas are welcome. I am trying to save up money just for this, and something else!

I am doing Mexico this time! For sure! and I want a house! haha...too much money for all of these things...dang it.

Till next time

-Corey Joe

October 1, 2010

titles are lame

Okay, so maybe titles aren't lame. Maybe I am lame because I can never come up with one.

I have finished my final management class as well as my last lab class. YEAH! All that I have left to complete are four general study classes and my final externship. So we are looking at about two months! Which is awesome, simply because I will be done with school before Christmas and the new year! Speaking of my final externship, I might have found a little bakery to work at!!!

A new little cafe/bakery opened in Greenbrier and are looking for externs! I actually got to meet with the Chef/Owner and she is really awesome. I am going in for a interview tomorrow, I am thinking that I really might get this. Only bad thing is that my schedule is super tight! I have classes Monday-Thursday from 745AM-100PM. I am going to try to get one of my classes online to free up some mornings.

But I really want to get my externship started this term. And if things go well for the externship this could turn into a part-time or even full time...we'll see I keep things posted.

I have to do today, I don't work till 4PM so I'm pretty bored. I am currently reading Radical by David Platt. Good book so far, really thought provoking, for me at least.

till later

-Corey Joseph

September 28, 2010

Its time..

Well, I guess its about that know. Every few months or so I come on here and write an entry saying that i've haven't written in here...etc.

So you wanna know whats been going on? I'll tell ya.

A whole bunch of work..and a bunch of school. And thats about it. I although in two months I will be completely finished with all of my classes at CIV! I can't believe it, it seems like I just started classes, but at the same time feels like I have been there forever! And don't get me wrong, I loved almost every minute of my time spent there, I have really gotten to know and talk to alot of the chefs and when I graduate I am really going to miss them!

but over all, I am really happy that I will be done super soon! And before Christmas! Whoo Hoo!

Everything at the Swan is going well I suppose. Our Sous chef is leaving this week, which make me a little sad, but I am happy for him and his family with his new travels! But his departure also has me a little concerned with what could happen at work. I am nervous about who they may move up to Sous, that is if they are thinking about it. I don't even know, and really its none of my business, but I am still nervous none the less.

Although, the past five weeks have been sweet, simply because I have not worked a pasta night or burger night due to classes! w00t! But that ends this

- -Also, talking about the Swan and School, I've been thinking a lot lately about what I am going to do after school. Everyone has been asking me that question and all I say is work, work, work. But really, I don't know what I want to do, I could go back to CIV to get my Bachelors but I really don't wanna be in school for another year and a half. Even though that would be the smartest thing for me to do.

I've been thinking if I am going to stay at the Swan or maybe do something different. I don't know...lots of thinking.

All I know for sure is come graduation next year I am going to take some time off and do something!! I want to so bad go over to europe, but thats a lot of money. I want to go to California, Portland, ALASKA! I want to go somewhere!! And of course, I want to go and check out the food scene in those areas! But I don't want to do it alone either..

It would be nice to have someone in life that could do that with me...yeahh..I'm getting a little emo right here. But its true. I have been praying and waiting for that special someone to come along, but she hasn't yet. I am just ready.

- - -Anywho, its time to do some reading. Till next time.

-Corey Joseph

July 30, 2010

phone blogging

blogging from my phone. this is awesome!

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June 26, 2010

So, that crazy long week I wrote about last time went smoothly. I was surprised, practicals went well, I got one 87 and the two in the 90's for what we had to make. Over all in the class I got a 96 and i am completely happy about it! Now, I am taking Adavanced table service, wine and beverage management, and alegbra..after this term i only have one more major class then I'm nearly done. Then our final two classes "Capstone", that going to be a challenging one. but other then that, I have a few general studies classes to take and one more certification classes..then I AM DONE!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just have to keep my eye on that light. I am thinking by dec I should be done with all classes! :) yay!

June 7, 2010

Just a quickie..

I think this week is really going to be one of the hardest weeks of my life. It is the last week of classes for this term and that means practicals! I have to make Brioche bread, a croissant, and a danish. All three have their own level of difficulty and special procedures to remember. Then on top practicals I am working 5 to midnight every night this week. This calls for a long week. I am off Friday though which is nice, and Sunday! I love when I am off on Sundays!

Its just going to seem like years to reach Friday!!!

May 31, 2010

Ok ok ok,

I know, I haven't been on here in a while. I am not sure why, I always think about blogging, but never do it, but yeahh.. Um I can't think of what to write right now, but I thought I might put in a paper that I had to write for my externship with the Founder's Inn (also my job..)

tell me what you think:

Since I began my externship and working full time at the Founder’s Inn, I have been able to put many things I have been taught at school and apply them at my job. Through each chef instructor I have gained knowledge on so many different applications of the culinary world that I am surprised that I can remember them! For example, start way back in the beginning of my adventure through culinary school, in my first class. In culinary techniques I was taught knife cuts/skills and sauces, by the end of that class I never wanted to see a carrot again. But, with the instruction and demonstration from my chef instructor I was taught proper knife cut which helped me gain my position at the Founder’s Inn.

From there I would jump up to the three classes that have probably helped me the most with both my externship and my job. I had taken Food Theory, A La Carte, and International one right after another. Three classes of big productions, but each contained different learning elements. In Food Theory I was taught about the healthier side of cooking, creating great tasting dishes but not have them being completely unhealthy. Not only was it learning of different ingredients to cook with but also cooking methods.

In A La Carte, I was taught some of the different cuisines that reside in the United States, finding and putting together menus that would be designed around a certain cuisine I was taught about. Through A La Carte and International I was taught about plate presentation, eye appeal, and both were small restaurant simulators and my team and I produced a menu for service each night.

Overall, I have taken a lot of knowledge from my schooling here at Culinary Institute of Virginia and have put it to work.

April 30, 2010

content in loving

you know, I never really know how to start my entries off. Sometimes I have written 2 or 3 different openings or introductions but I just erase them because I feel kinda weird saying hello or something..ya know? I mean, I dunno...never mind. I am just weird like that.

What a week so far! Its already Friday, I can't believe it! It feels like it was Monday just yesterday, I don't want to sound like I am complaining. Because I am not, I am very happy this week is over! No school till Monday, not even homework to worry about, next week is the final week of the term and then I will be one step closer to being done with school.

I've thought about what I had written down in my last entry a lot, and I am still upset about the way the class interacts and how sometimes the Chef's don't..but all I have to do is just stay positive. That is all I have to do. I need to look at each term as being one step closer to be over, and then graduation. At the school they give out awards, just to name a couple: Dean's list, Perfect attendance and other ones. I have received perfect attendance two time in a row now, and I also won the "Biggest Impact" award. That award is chosen by all of the Chef instructors and based on our work ethic and professionalism, and a bunch of other good stuff. The chefs chose me! I was humbled..and kinda slapped in the face

Because I thought back to my entry and how I put down my classmates, chefs, and even the director of the school...that does not look like I show professionalism or had good ethic. It shows selfishness and no love at all.

Love is hard. and I am not talking the love I have for my new phone that can do everything..(GO DROID!) But the love that God wants us to have for everyone. Some verses that come to mind are: Galatians 5:14, Galatians 5:22-23, Philippians 2: ( this whole chapter was a slap in the face..)
and of course the 'love' chapter in 1st corinthians.

All of these verses I have read before, all of them. But every time I read them I find a new way to apply them to my life, and its always a slap in the face. Never just a tap on the shoulder or anything..but a SLAP...god is tricky like that sometimes. and then i think, 'god, i do show your love to people, i do put others before me, i can be humble..' then i realized. i don't..not with everyone at least..dang..another slap..

So this will be my new trial in my life. being content in loving everyone, sharing Christ's love and following his example..

till later

-corey joseph

April 27, 2010

Time..? What is that?!

Well hello there -

I know it has been a while since I've last posted on here. A long while...haha

But I haven't really had time, honestly! I have been super busy doing homework for school. I have a English class this term so I have had papers to write and I want them to be awesome! So I have put a lot of time into them. Also, going to school takes up alot of my day, Mon and Weds I am at school from 7:30AM-4:00PM, Tues and Thurs are a little bit easier days. I go to school at 12:00PM-4:00PM.

Those can be very long days, luckily I have Mondays off from work so that is nice, but Tues-Thurs I go straight to work after school and I close those nights. When I close I am there till mid-night, sometimes a little after. Thursdays are our busy night, it the Pasta Buffet of course! Each week it gets a business picks up a little bit at a time, and it can get a little nerve racking sometimes.

But overall it is fun, and I have people or families that come back and come straight to my station for me to cook them their pastas. That makes me feel good! Friday-Sunday the schedule changes every week. This week I have sunday off which is awesome, I work 11-7 on saturday and 2-10 on friday. I love the 11am-7pm days. Those are really good days!

I am completly happy with my job right now. I would rather work mornings, but I gotta get used to working nights.. I miss having my nights free, where I could go do things...

I feel bad sometimes because I can't make it to alot of the youth group functions or to Canvas/HouseChurch due to work. Or even events that the church does, I try and help out where I can. School gets in the way of those things too sometimes.

School, having switched over to the day time classes I found it harder for me to want to go. The kids, yes I mean KIDS I am in class with makes me want to just quit. In my English class I have a good mix of ages, a couple just outta highschool kids, some a few years out, a few young adults, and then older people who are career changers. Every single one of them, argue and complain with everything the teacher asks us to do, or talks while she is talking and keeps talking after she has told them to stop. A bunch of immature people! It disgusts me..

Then in my afternoon class...Man, don't get me started about them. They are all about my age and one older gentleman, but he acts like he is 13 along with the rest of them!! And the things that they talk, say to each other, its beyond disgusting. Their language is crude, and I just can't believe the Chef allows this. AND HE IS THE DIRECTOR OF THE SCHOOL!!!! I just don't know if I could approach him about how I feel about what is going on in his class...

I am not paying them $36,000 to hear disgusting stories or crude language, or about the joint they have in their pockets!!! I know I could go to two of the Chef I have had in the past and talk to them about it, but I have no time. And I don't know if anything would be done. I just can't believe how lazy and difficult these kids are. They are wasting $36,000, I can't believe it.

I am just ready to be done with school. With this part of my life I feel like I am behind in life. All of my friends are done with school, some are graduating soon and I am still stuck. I mean, I am almost done one more year or so...but i can't wait.

I have more that I want to write down, but I have to get ready for school...blah.

I will be back. Sooner this time!

-Corey Joseph

April 1, 2010

Thirfty work...

I love to go Thrift store shopping! Love it, my momma raised me right! Lately, my thrifty eye have searched for plates, platters, trays, any type of dishes that catch my eye. And yesterday I found some stuff!
I found these cool little cups! I fell in love with the orange line the goes along the bottom to the front. I saw them and thought instantly of little portioned desserts or dessert drinks. Something small..I love them.

I also found this little set of pans. There are two white and two green mini loaf pans, and one big pan. I saw the little ones and thought of gratins, or mini desserts or whatever! I loved them, then I found the larger pan!! I was thrilled! And they are all by the same company!

I love them! I want to use them soon! haha

Tonight was my second night at the Swan! I had a great time! It is Thursday so that means, Pasta night! $15 all you can eat pasta! I had my own station, and prepared people plates. They would tell me what they wanted in it, type of pasta, and sauce. Then I would saute it, right there in front of them! It was fun!!! At one point in the night, my hand towel that I was using got a little close to the flame, so my guest was like " your thing! your thing!" I was like " huhhh??" then I looked down and saw that my towel was on fire!!! Crazy, so I just shook the towel and went on with whatever I was doing. She was amazed how cool I was about it, I told her someone had to stay calm!

But overall, it was a great time! Very challenging, but I had a great time. I can't wait for the actually time of working the restaurant, its going to be fun.

I think thats all for now, I am tired. I've been going since 6am this morning! I didn't even have to work till 2pm! But I did get a lot done today. My room is CLEAN! My clothes are actually put away in my dresser! And my bed is made with the fresh clean sheets that have been there for months waiting for me to do something with!!! I am excited! :D

Till later

- Corey Joseph

March 31, 2010

First night at the Swan!

So last night was my first night working at the swan, and it was great!

Really chill, the restaurant was not that busy so that gave me time to learn where everything is up front and how put the plates together.

This is the open kitchen in the Swan. Thats where I work!! Its super fun, and then this is the dining room for the Swan. Its really nice.

I went out and worked a banquet for a hour or two, then came back to the Swan. It was a really slow night. Thursday though is going to be busy, that is the night of our Pasta Buffet! They did just about 180 people last week so we are hoping for some growth!

I can't wait to go into work on Thursday! Ready to actually do something and not just be standing around! :D

Hope all is well out there!

Till later

- Corey Joseph

March 30, 2010

Today is the day!

Tonight is my first night working at the Swan! I am kinda nervous. But more excited than anything!

I will post tomorrow about my first night! Wish me luck! :D

Till later

- Corey Joseph

March 26, 2010

What a day -

So today was the "big" day...and let me tell you that it was a bittersweet day.

Don't get me wrong, I am so excited that I am moving on with my life, pursuing a job in what I LOVE doing, putting everything I am learning to hand and sharping my skill. But it was a little hard to say bye to people today.

Even to some of my normal customers that have been coming in for the years I have been there! I am really going to miss working with some of the people there, and it is going to be hard to stay touch with some of them. I am not sure how crazy my life is going to get after this weekend...I am going to be pretty busy. haha

On Sunday, a couple of ladies from work are throwing me a Surprise going away party kinda thing...yeah I know. How is it a surprise if I know about it? I am just good..haha! Dad told me tonight to be ready for a bigger turnout then I would think. Mmm, its going to be fun though!

Its going to be nice to kinda have a weekend off before starting at the Inn on Tuesday. I go in on Monday to do final paperwork and such. Get my name-tag, uniform. I am excited that both of my uniforms now are Chef's attire. Less to worry about! I really cannot wait to get into the kitchen and have FUN!!

It was a good day today. I am happy. And all the Thanks and Glory goes to God no matter what!

Till later

-Corey Joseph

March 22, 2010

What a weekend -

Wow, I had such a great weekend.

It started with school of course Saturday morning. In class we broke down an entire leg of a lamb, and a side of a lamb too! So if anyone out there needs help fabricating lamb or anything else for that matter I can help you out!

Class was fun, it is always fun with Chef B. He is my favorite Chef Instructor we have there. After class, went home cleaned up and got ready for band practice.

Band practice went smoothly, after practice me and the dudes were going to chill out and hangout at the office all night. We made a surprising trip down to EC to pick up one other friend. He was stunned that we were there. We came back home to the office and stayed up till 3am playing video games, making some music, was great.

We all had to get up early for setup at church and practice! I was ready! I love church days, they are my absolute favorite. I love being in community with my friends and family there.

Right in the middle of church I got a call from Founders Inn. They wanted to HIRE ME!!!

Whoo HOO!!! I was surprised, I was not expecting it at all. I was so happy and excited I was dancing around the bathroom at church! After church and we got all packed up I called them back to get final details and such, so I will be starting next monday!

I will be working on the A La Carte line on the night shift, so sweet! One sad thing about working nights is that I might have to go to day-time classes. So if that happens that will be weird! I am going to miss my class, we've been together since the beginning and I don't wanna leave them!

BUT - we will have to see what happens. I have to talk with people from school and see what I can do, and then I gotta talk with my Chef's at work.

And then I gotta talk with CFA! I really think it would be best if I have my last day be this coming Friday. I need to get things started with Founder's Inn, ya know?! We'll see what happens, I just gotta talk to too many people...

But its all good, I'm giving it all to God and he is going to handle it and control it!

Till later

-Corey Joseph

March 19, 2010

Its only been three days...

Okay, I know I said that I would do this daily. But I've been worn out this week. And that surprises me, I haven't been like tired but I've just been worn out.

Tues, Thurs, and today I did my "working interview" at The Founders Inn. I have had fun, done alot of work! Tues I went in at 9am and began cutting up carrots and other various veggies for a Stir Fry station they had on Thursday night for a huge banquet. After the carrots, I began preparing a Avacado, Mango and Shrimp stuffing for wontons, made over 250 of those wontons. Prepared and wrapped over 250 beef empanadas! Segmented over 35 grapefruits for a flambe. I left the Inn at 7 that night!

Thursday, I came in knowing it was the day of the huge banquet. I did not know that I would be working out on the floor of the banquet, I was stationed at the carving station carving beef tenderloin and whole chickens. That was fun, I wasn't scared or anything. I was just stunned that they put me out there. And not only did I not know I was working the banquet, but I did not know what the banquet was for. It was the MAN himself Pat Robertson's 80th birthday celebration!!!!! Crazy! I never saw the guy...I mean..I saw him at his table but he never came to my station. Which was okay haha...

That was fun, and then today I was out in the restuarant sqeezing fresh orange juice for guests. After washing all the juice and plup off of my arms, I did some more prep for a big dinner tomorrow night.

I really did have a great time at the Inn, I gain some new knowledge on how to cook for banquets and such. Some new tips and tricks.

BUT -- To be honest, I don't know if I am going to get the job, or even if I want to work there, or even if they were really looking to hire me. When the Chefs first called me they said that they were shorthanded and needing help for the hige banquet, and so they decided to bring me in for a "working interview" and we'll see what happens. So thats what I did, but all this week it hasn't felt like they were looking for someone to hire, just someone to cover their butts and help out with the banquet. I like the Chefs a lot, the Excecutive Chef is a super cool guy. No matter what happens I am getting paid for all my time their so if I am not hired then..whatever.

It just kinda sucks cause I really would like working there, but we will just have to see what happens.

In other CJ news -

Life is Life. Work is not a subject I want to talk about. Why? Cause no matter what I am leaving in two weeks and so I am trying not to have a good attitude and leave happy. I am super excited about this new chapter of my life, knowing that I had a job to jump right into after leaving would make me even more excited but none the less I am still excited.

School is school, I really want it to be over now. I mean I still love learning new things and everything, but my life would be a little more open and less conflicted without school. But I just gotta keep thinking January! January!! January!!!

Church is great. I love my friends, and I enjoy just hanging out with them even if were doing nothing. I love it. I am always yearning for it.

I also love my God. His love for me is incredible, cuz there are numerous times that I know I wouldn't love me, but he does unconditionally. Incredible.

Taking the muchkins out for dinner tonight, haven't really seen them all week so we are going to go do something to tonight..

I think thats all for now,

Till later

- Corey Joseph

March 15, 2010

The time is drawing near!!!!

Wow, so much has been going since my last post!!

The valentines banquet went super well. The food came out great, I had great help from my friends and some of the teens that were working the banquet! Thanks guys! You all were awesome!

I got so many "good jobs", and " oh my gosh, it was so good!" or "I want the recipe!", I felt really good after it was all over. I can't wait till next year!

Life is in a good spot right now I would say - Starting tomorrow, I will be doing a working interview with The Founders Inn in VA beach! I will be going in tomorrow, thurs, friday, and sat. I am super stok'd! I had applied there almost three weeks ago, and not having heard anything from them I had given up hope. But the Chef called me on Sunday and we talked and worked out this schedule! AND, I will be getting paid for doing this interview, thats pretty cool!

I am really nervous though, I have no idea what to expect. I don't know what I will be doing for 8 hours!? But overall I am excited, and open-minded ready to learn!

I am planning on my last day of working at Chick-fil-A be the 1st of April. No its no April fools, I am for real! haha!! It is just time, I am ready to get out of that place and grow and into something that I love. Nothing against Chick-fil-A or nothing but thats not what I want anymore!

I'm really going to miss working with my crew though, and seeing all of my favorite customers! So many of my normal customers have told to tell them where I will going that way they can come visit! Aww, I am going to miss them!

I am making it my goal to keep this things updated on a more daily basis, I want to document everything that I do during the next couple days in this working interview process! So I will be back! You can count on it!

Till later

-Corey Joseph

February 11, 2010

June 2009 - February 2010?!

Wow, I am just really really bad at this jornaling thing aren't I? I just don't even know where to start, should I begin with school, or work, or life...hmm

Ok, I guess I will start with school. School is fantastic, there has not been a day that I don't dread driving to school. Since June, I have completed 6 of our lab classes, and 5 management classes. I passed a certification exam and I am now certified with understand the basics of nutrition! Haha, I still laugh whenever I look at that certificate. Really it means nothing, but it looks really good on the Resume!

The class I am in now is going great, we are in International Cuisine. So I am learning all about different styles of cooking and ingredients. Mainly learning about Spainish, French, Italian, and little German thrown in there. I love the chef instructor I have for this one. He really knows his stuff when it comes to culinary knowledge. I will be done will school inn January! That is crazy to think about, I am so ready though! Even though I love it so much, I am ready to be school free and just have fun in a kitchen, producing good foods.

Everyone always asks me what I am going to do after school..honestly I have no idea! It is all up to God, and where he leads me. Thoughts of opening up my own catering business, or personal chef business is something that I have been thinking a lot about. I don't know what it is, but I just love cooking for other people, like cooking in a restaurant is fun and stuff. But having that personal level with the person eating your food makes me even happier!

Soo, that leads to the next topic, Valentines Day!! No, I still don't have a Valentine, but its all good. Tomorrow is Stokd's Second Annual Valentines Banquet and I am catering it! I planned the whole menu, and will be preparing it! I am just so excited, I really want this to be a great night of fun for the couples of NBCC. Speaking of which, being at NBCC about a year and a half now. It has been amazing! I love my church family, and the friends that I have gained from there. I truely love going to church and its awesome. I love seeing my friends, and going to college group, and helping out at PIN, it all is so great! I just love it.

I think one last thing for now, and then I should get some sleep. Its 11:30Pm and I got a busy day tomorrow! But the one thing that I am so excited and scared for; I am leaving Chick-fil-A in two months! YES! Finally, after 4 years and 6 months of working there in April I will be outta there!

Why? Well, it is just time for me to move on, I need to find a job that can and will help me inprove my skills in the kitchen, a job that I will love to do, and be able to have fun. A lot of things has changed at Chick-fil-A, and not that they are all bad, and not that I am just running away from them. Its just...time. But I am really excited, it feels weird looking for jobs. I found this one restuarant that I would love to work at. Its exactly what I am looking for.

So I will update more, but I need to sleep some.

-Corey Joseph