November 27, 2011


Have I said that my new favorite show is How I Met Your Mother? I caught a few episodes just before the summer then through out the summer I bought season after season till I was completely caught in time for the premiere of season 7.

I fell in love with this show. While it may have its moments that are a little sketchy and pushing the limits, but what shows/movies don't these days? I feel drawn to the small group of people in which the show follows, while I don't live the same lifestyle as them. They live a life where there is true friendship no matter what the circumstance, whenever things go wrong they work together and strive to make ones life better.

And believe me, I'm not saying that I don't have that circle of friends, I do. And I hope they know that I am thankful for them everyday. Whenever I am feeling that life is not what I want, someone pops up and says something that raises my spirit. Even if they don't know it.

But I can relate the most to one character from the show in particular. Ted Mosby. Again, even this character has its moments that push the limits as far as what I stand for in my life, but I feel drawn to him. He and I have the same mission. To find that one woman who takes our breath away and yearns to live life together. And Ted and I both have had our adventures that no matter how great they are, unfortunately end in failure. Of course, Ted eventually finds the one (hence the name of the show) and I know that one day (hopefully) I will too.

But for us, its this waiting period in between that kills us. We sit and watch our friends as they start their lives with their loved ones. Quiet but supportive, longing for what they have but still knowing that our day will come.

Patience is a hard virtue to handle. Its especially hard when your Newsfeed on Facebook is filled with engagement announcements, pictures, and wedding celebrations. Successful relationships seem to happen to everyone but you, you only have memories of a few good moments from the past excursions in your life.

Again, believe me. I live a happy life and strive to walk as God has called me too. But there are times when I look at my life and compare it to some of the friends. Jealous? Yes. But..

I know my God has a plan for all of this. All those times that I compare my life to others,  I am doubting Him, and trying to take control of my life. But that is not what God wants from me, He wants TOTAL control.

Galatians 5:25-26 ESV
" If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another."

So..that is whats been on my heart lately