April 20, 2011

Sometimes I just want everything to stop...

I think my title says it all, there are times that I just want everything to stop and let me not have to deal with the pressures of this world.

But that can't happen, we have to learn how to take on different situations and conflicts and press on as if nothing happens.

I mean, sure. Why not. Pay over $200 for your dog who now has to be on pain meds for her back problem, hand out over $400 for new tires on your car, pay the people even more money then what they have taken out of your paycheck..mortgage for a home..

You know, America is pretty cool and all. But sometimes I long to be in a place where I nothing to do but live for jesus, and not worry about money and property and a job.

Confession - I struggle with my spiritual life because I am too wrapped up in this lousy reality of our earthly life.

I worry about doing a good job at work, I wrap my head around all the problems and conflicts we have at work and I get so frustrated and have negative energy built up inside me..and I will keep it there, because I am not the kind to speak my mind on some things. I'll tip-toe around the problem and bring up something else.

I know, how can complain about a problem if I am doing nothing about it..

I don't know.

To get a little less depressing -

Everyday I get excited that I am one day closer to owning my own place. While I love my parents and my siblings I want to start living my own life. Have a place to call my own. I just can't wait for the day to come!

till then -

April 10, 2011

let it all out..

I just want it to be known..

I do think about writing in here, and I really want to.

But I never feel like typing everything out.


yea, I know...