April 30, 2010

content in loving

you know, I never really know how to start my entries off. Sometimes I have written 2 or 3 different openings or introductions but I just erase them because I feel kinda weird saying hello or something..ya know? I mean, I dunno...never mind. I am just weird like that.

What a week so far! Its already Friday, I can't believe it! It feels like it was Monday just yesterday, I don't want to sound like I am complaining. Because I am not, I am very happy this week is over! No school till Monday, not even homework to worry about, next week is the final week of the term and then I will be one step closer to being done with school.

I've thought about what I had written down in my last entry a lot, and I am still upset about the way the class interacts and how sometimes the Chef's don't..but all I have to do is just stay positive. That is all I have to do. I need to look at each term as being one step closer to be over, and then graduation. At the school they give out awards, just to name a couple: Dean's list, Perfect attendance and other ones. I have received perfect attendance two time in a row now, and I also won the "Biggest Impact" award. That award is chosen by all of the Chef instructors and based on our work ethic and professionalism, and a bunch of other good stuff. The chefs chose me! I was humbled..and kinda slapped in the face

Because I thought back to my entry and how I put down my classmates, chefs, and even the director of the school...that does not look like I show professionalism or had good ethic. It shows selfishness and no love at all.

Love is hard. and I am not talking the love I have for my new phone that can do everything..(GO DROID!) But the love that God wants us to have for everyone. Some verses that come to mind are: Galatians 5:14, Galatians 5:22-23, Philippians 2: ( this whole chapter was a slap in the face..)
and of course the 'love' chapter in 1st corinthians.

All of these verses I have read before, all of them. But every time I read them I find a new way to apply them to my life, and its always a slap in the face. Never just a tap on the shoulder or anything..but a SLAP...god is tricky like that sometimes. and then i think, 'god, i do show your love to people, i do put others before me, i can be humble..' then i realized. i don't..not with everyone at least..dang..another slap..

So this will be my new trial in my life. being content in loving everyone, sharing Christ's love and following his example..

till later

-corey joseph

April 27, 2010

Time..? What is that?!

Well hello there -

I know it has been a while since I've last posted on here. A long while...haha

But I haven't really had time, honestly! I have been super busy doing homework for school. I have a English class this term so I have had papers to write and I want them to be awesome! So I have put a lot of time into them. Also, going to school takes up alot of my day, Mon and Weds I am at school from 7:30AM-4:00PM, Tues and Thurs are a little bit easier days. I go to school at 12:00PM-4:00PM.

Those can be very long days, luckily I have Mondays off from work so that is nice, but Tues-Thurs I go straight to work after school and I close those nights. When I close I am there till mid-night, sometimes a little after. Thursdays are our busy night, it the Pasta Buffet of course! Each week it gets a business picks up a little bit at a time, and it can get a little nerve racking sometimes.

But overall it is fun, and I have people or families that come back and come straight to my station for me to cook them their pastas. That makes me feel good! Friday-Sunday the schedule changes every week. This week I have sunday off which is awesome, I work 11-7 on saturday and 2-10 on friday. I love the 11am-7pm days. Those are really good days!

I am completly happy with my job right now. I would rather work mornings, but I gotta get used to working nights.. I miss having my nights free, where I could go do things...

I feel bad sometimes because I can't make it to alot of the youth group functions or to Canvas/HouseChurch due to work. Or even events that the church does, I try and help out where I can. School gets in the way of those things too sometimes.

School, having switched over to the day time classes I found it harder for me to want to go. The kids, yes I mean KIDS I am in class with makes me want to just quit. In my English class I have a good mix of ages, a couple just outta highschool kids, some a few years out, a few young adults, and then older people who are career changers. Every single one of them, argue and complain with everything the teacher asks us to do, or talks while she is talking and keeps talking after she has told them to stop. A bunch of immature people! It disgusts me..

Then in my afternoon class...Man, don't get me started about them. They are all about my age and one older gentleman, but he acts like he is 13 along with the rest of them!! And the things that they talk, say to each other, its beyond disgusting. Their language is crude, and I just can't believe the Chef allows this. AND HE IS THE DIRECTOR OF THE SCHOOL!!!! I just don't know if I could approach him about how I feel about what is going on in his class...

I am not paying them $36,000 to hear disgusting stories or crude language, or about the joint they have in their pockets!!! I know I could go to two of the Chef I have had in the past and talk to them about it, but I have no time. And I don't know if anything would be done. I just can't believe how lazy and difficult these kids are. They are wasting $36,000, I can't believe it.

I am just ready to be done with school. With this part of my life I feel like I am behind in life. All of my friends are done with school, some are graduating soon and I am still stuck. I mean, I am almost done one more year or so...but i can't wait.

I have more that I want to write down, but I have to get ready for school...blah.

I will be back. Sooner this time!

-Corey Joseph

April 1, 2010

Thirfty work...

I love to go Thrift store shopping! Love it, my momma raised me right! Lately, my thrifty eye have searched for plates, platters, trays, any type of dishes that catch my eye. And yesterday I found some stuff!
I found these cool little cups! I fell in love with the orange line the goes along the bottom to the front. I saw them and thought instantly of little portioned desserts or dessert drinks. Something small..I love them.

I also found this little set of pans. There are two white and two green mini loaf pans, and one big pan. I saw the little ones and thought of gratins, or mini desserts or whatever! I loved them, then I found the larger pan!! I was thrilled! And they are all by the same company!

I love them! I want to use them soon! haha

Tonight was my second night at the Swan! I had a great time! It is Thursday so that means, Pasta night! $15 all you can eat pasta! I had my own station, and prepared people plates. They would tell me what they wanted in it, type of pasta, and sauce. Then I would saute it, right there in front of them! It was fun!!! At one point in the night, my hand towel that I was using got a little close to the flame, so my guest was like " your thing! your thing!" I was like " huhhh??" then I looked down and saw that my towel was on fire!!! Crazy, so I just shook the towel and went on with whatever I was doing. She was amazed how cool I was about it, I told her someone had to stay calm!

But overall, it was a great time! Very challenging, but I had a great time. I can't wait for the actually time of working the restaurant, its going to be fun.

I think thats all for now, I am tired. I've been going since 6am this morning! I didn't even have to work till 2pm! But I did get a lot done today. My room is CLEAN! My clothes are actually put away in my dresser! And my bed is made with the fresh clean sheets that have been there for months waiting for me to do something with!!! I am excited! :D

Till later

- Corey Joseph