August 13, 2012

Lessons Learned...

       I may be losing some "man" points for having a title named after a Carrie Underwood song, but this song  has been going through my head the past couple of days.

As you might know about 2-3 months ago I started a second job with a Bakery in VA Beach. I needed to get a second job to replace the hours I would be losing over the summer from ODU being closed. My mom actually saw their ad in the paper and told me about it. It was a perfect second job, it was exactly what I wanted to do in bakery, the hours didn't interfere with ODU, so it was great!

 I go and apply, nearly a month later I get a call for a interview. Awesome. Interview went well, then two days later I started working. Very Awesome! So my life has been pretty busy with both of these jobs and still trying to maintain a social life. Oh wait, I didn't mention the best part of the job...

I work from 1AM-7AM at the bakery. Yup..and 85% of the time I go straight to ODU and work till whenever..normally about 3-4pm.  Crazy, I know.

       So I started going to bed by 6-7pm getting up going to work and then work again, come home. Say hello to the family, maybe eat something for dinner then crash and do it all over again. I did the first month-month and a half like this, I didn't really go out. The weekends were my days to splurge and do whatever I wanted since I did not work the bakery. While I had no social life throughout the week, it worked. Everything was fine.

Then I started being a little brave, I began stretching myself. I began stretching myself way too thin. Of course I had good intentions as to why I would. I would stay out a little later with friends, take trips, I would do things. I wanted my social life back.

        I don't blame anyone but myself for pushing and stretching myself over limit. I gave myself less and less sleep, but I would manage to get through it. I would commit to doing things, I would go out with friends and co-workers. Continually pulling myself waaay over my limit.

Well, lessons learned...Last Friday night after working about 16-17hrs straight I ran to do a couple of things then went out for the evening to catch up with an old co-worker. Stayed out till about 11pm, started my journey home.

Got about 1/2 mile or so away from my home and fell asleep at the wheel. At the moment I fell asleep my car was entering a curve, but of course rather then turning I continue straight onto the side-walk hitting a street sign that was directly in front of my side of the car. At impact I quickly woke up of course and got control of the car and returned the road and stopped. I was in complete shock. I thought that my windshield was the only thing damaged so I just tried to continue to drive home. I just wanted to be home.

The car doesn't move. I get out and see that both of my front tires are blown out. Great. So I call dad and we get a tow truck out and get the car back to the house.

Lessons learned. I totally believe that God was in control that night. No one else was involved, just me. The sign that I hit came crashing into the windshield directly at the drivers seat. It didn't break through completely and I didn't receive any injuries. Even though it happened, God was in control. And I am so thankful for that.

^^ Here you kinda see where exactly I went onto the sidewalk. There is the some the broken sign pole near the edge of the curb, with the rest of the pole and sign off in the distance.

      Lessons Learned. God really opened my eyes this weekend. I don't like that it had to happen like this, scaring my parents and my family, causing concern. But apparently, this is what it took for me to realize what I was doing. Still a bit shaken up from it, but ultimately thankful to be okay and alive. This also caused me to rethink some other things going on in my life and the changes that are necessary.

The lessons we are taught in life.