May 19, 2012

Remember me - -

Nearly three months ago was my last post on here. Wow, I am really bad at the blogging thing.

       Honestly, I do think about writing on here. I do think of subjects that I want to give my thoughts or my feelings towards something going on in the world. But I never take the time to actually sit down and write ( or type ) it all out.

It may be for the better for my sake, because I tend to write it all out and not proof read it. Proper grammar and punctuation are not being used properly and makes me look like a first grader!

Anywho -

Life in my world has gotten a wee bit crazy, or at least I just get called crazy. I recently picked up a second job at Sugar Plum Bakery. Its a great job and exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to get some mass production under my belt, just the production part. I didn't want to do any of the decorating or stuff like that, just the production and Sugar Plum fits the bill perfectly.

      Every day I make about two batches about 140 pounds of cake batter, from there I divide the batter by weight in to an average of 60-70 cake pans of various sizes. Notice the by weight back there--by hand I am scooping out the batter, filling and weighing each pan. It took me a few days to get into the groove of feeling out the weight when holding the pan, but now I get through the 140 pounds in about 45mins to an hour.

From there I make about 80 pounds of buttercream. Think of it this way; Each batch of buttercream fills 3 - 22qt buckets. Then there is the cookie doughs, fillings for the donuts, and my favorite BREADS.

      I like this job. It is very, very repetitive but that is the nature of working in a bakery. As a business your products sets a standard and you have to meet that standard every day. Some people think it is boring, and I do too sometimes. But overall I really have liked my time there. So thankful for the job.

Oh, I didn't even mention the best part of this job. My hours! I get to the bakery around 1AM and leave somewhere around 6-630AM. Remember a couple paragraphs back I said that I get called crazy? Its been a fun ride cramming this into my schedule, but I think I've done pretty well. I work at the bakery Mon-Fri, so having the weekends is nice, but the weekdays its pretty much a zombie walk.

      I have gotten in to a earlier "bed time" and get around 4-5hours of sleep before leaving for the bakery, oh and here is the other kicker. I am still working at ODU. Most days I leave the bakery and get to ODU by 7AM and work till about 3 or 4. Which leaves enough time to get home, shower, eat something, and say goodnight to the family before doing it all over again the next day.

Haha - This definitely will not be for life or even for more then the summer! I am hoping to find a job to replace ODU, my time there has been great but that work environment just is not somewhere where I want to be. So I've just been thinking and praying about it, really hoping to find something new by the end of summer.

So what else has gone in the last three months?

       We went down to NC to visit the Harrisons a few weeks ago, had fun fishing and playing with the niece and nephew. Then they came up last weekend and spend some time with us. Kal is growing up so fast, and he is super smart. Little Leia looks just like her momma, and loves to talk and smile.

Good things are happening or will be happening at New Beginnings. I really do love this church and I want us to become a beacon of light for those in our SoNo ( South Norfok ) neighborhood. I am so thankful for my friends that I have gained from this church. They really are a great group of supportive people, I am thankful for the times we get to hang out.

As much as I would like to have exactly everything I want for my life right now, I am just really thankful for my life and those in it and around it. Thanks God.

       I think that is all I got for now, but I promise I will be back.

-- One day.