August 22, 2011

What now...

Wow. I've got some catching up to do on here. Nothing too crazy.

Well. One crazy thing. Nothing bad. In fact, it was one the greatest things for me.

First -

I no longer work at the Founder's Inn and Spa. I closed that chapter of my life around four weeks ago. I couldn't be happier. I mean, I miss the friendships I gained from my coworkers, but I think it was a great move for me.

I "officially" started my new job as a catering cook at ODU on August 12th, but I actually haven't had a work day yet. So I technically haven't had a job for the last four weeks. I didn't mind. Although, my first day of actually work starts in roughly 31/2 hours at 3 am.

I can't get to sleep, I've tired for the last 3 hours. I watched a movie I redbox'd, It's kind of a Funny Story. Pretty cool movie. Point is, I can't sleep. I have too much running through my mind.

Second -

You see, right now I am in the middle of the post mission-trip blues. Not just me, but 9 of my friends too.

This past week we had the opportunity to take a trip down to Ensenada, Mexico and show God's love and grace to a family in need. In four days our little group of 10 people built this young family a home for them to live in. Gave them something to believe in, walked in step with Jesus Christ to show this small family that they are loved and cherished.

Though there was a small language barrier between us, we could get by with our elementary 'Spanglish'. The message though, blew past every barrier possible. The family saw our love and more importantly saw God's love for them. Though they might not have everything together, they know that there is a God who is watching over them, and a group of friends in America who are praying for them.

I really am thankful for this trip, it was a eye-opener for me, and not just me but my friends too. Spending this past week together, I think brought us, as a whole, closer as friends. We all worked hard together, for the same goal. Each of us pushed through our own comfort zones and boundaries to make a impact on this family. We spent nearly every minute of everyday together.

I think its kinda safe to say that when we returned home and went our separate ways, something felt like it was missing. Now I'm not saying that we need to spend every moment together, but we grew together as a group. As friends.

And that is important, to have a group of people that you can depend on, to trust, to talk with, to have community with, is vital to everyday life as a Christian.

That is what was really put on my heart this past week in Mexico. To have a community like I have is special. This group is truly a group of people who really care about each other and strive to live like Jesus. And sometimes I don't take advantage of this...

Another thing placed on my heart was my personal walk with God.

Am I taking every chance I can to show God's love and talk about his grace and forgiveness? No. I'm not.
I hide in my shell through the work week, then when in a place of comfort I can talk about it, I can show it.
Am I talking to people about faith and why I believe what I believe. No.
I cover it up with things of this earthly world to look good, for people to like me.

Then I realized I don't need everyone to like me. I mean..I would like to liked by everyone but if my faith gives my the name of a outsider by some then so be it. I have a community that is there for me. I need to step out more and actually walk in faith.

this is my battle right now. i need to live jesus at all time and not just when I feel comfortable with it.

I feel like this blog is going on longer and longer, but oh well. I can do what I want on here.

so what now...

For my friends and I we are struggling to regain balance in our lives. We have been rocked by God, and strive to maintain the fire that was ignited inside of us. Life in Mexico seemed simple, away from distractions. No worries of tuition payments, car payments, JOBS, we just lived in community doing God's work. Now that we are back in reality it is a struggle to not be distracted by the things of earth.

Needless to say, this trip to Mexico gave me a lot to think about. a lot to pray about.
and honestly.

I'm glad.