February 23, 2012

Quickie -

So I am going to keep this pretty brief because it is so FLIPPIN beautiful outside today!

       Since I had started, finished, and graduated culinary school I was always asked these question:

"So what is the best thing you an cook?" or "What style of cooking do you do?"

And every time I always answered with the same thing, 'I don't know, whatever.' 

I couldn't pick a certain cuisine that I liked more then the other.  I have always known that I don't want to do the completely upscale and fine dining that most want. 

I like comfort.

       So it has always been my mind-set that if I open up a place that it will just be the simple "American" style foods done with just a touch of class that makes people say, 'BAZINGA!'.

But as of late I have really been thinking that I need a cuisine. I need to submerge myself into a cuisine and learn as much as I can about it. 

      As I have been thinking about it, going through my notes from school, and reading various websites, I feel drawn to the French cuisine. The French have always done things correctly when it comes to their food and wine. 

Clean and Simple. 

Simple? Clean? I love it. They treat the food with the greatest care and cook it in a way that the complexity of the flavors explode in your mouth. (Bazinga!

      And more importantly, classic French Bistros or Brasseries were loved for their casual feel but sophisticated food. Which is perfect, if I am able to open a place of my own, I want it to have that casual feel that makes people comfortable and food that will amaze them.

That is the dream now, and lets mark on the "New Years" list I made a couple post ago. I am going to emerge myself into the french cuisine. Learn the history, the flavors, and the techniques and strive to become a true "French" Chef.
 (Of course I can't really become a French Chef...I'm not FRENCH!) 

       And my Bistro? Why, its going to be one of the greatest French/American fusion bistros in Hampton Roads. :)