April 1, 2010

Thirfty work...

I love to go Thrift store shopping! Love it, my momma raised me right! Lately, my thrifty eye have searched for plates, platters, trays, any type of dishes that catch my eye. And yesterday I found some stuff!
I found these cool little cups! I fell in love with the orange line the goes along the bottom to the front. I saw them and thought instantly of little portioned desserts or dessert drinks. Something small..I love them.

I also found this little set of pans. There are two white and two green mini loaf pans, and one big pan. I saw the little ones and thought of gratins, or mini desserts or whatever! I loved them, then I found the larger pan!! I was thrilled! And they are all by the same company!

I love them! I want to use them soon! haha

Tonight was my second night at the Swan! I had a great time! It is Thursday so that means, Pasta night! $15 all you can eat pasta! I had my own station, and prepared people plates. They would tell me what they wanted in it, type of pasta, and sauce. Then I would saute it, right there in front of them! It was fun!!! At one point in the night, my hand towel that I was using got a little close to the flame, so my guest was like " your thing! your thing!" I was like " huhhh??" then I looked down and saw that my towel was on fire!!! Crazy, so I just shook the towel and went on with whatever I was doing. She was amazed how cool I was about it, I told her someone had to stay calm!

But overall, it was a great time! Very challenging, but I had a great time. I can't wait for the actually time of working the restaurant, its going to be fun.

I think thats all for now, I am tired. I've been going since 6am this morning! I didn't even have to work till 2pm! But I did get a lot done today. My room is CLEAN! My clothes are actually put away in my dresser! And my bed is made with the fresh clean sheets that have been there for months waiting for me to do something with!!! I am excited! :D

Till later

- Corey Joseph

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