April 30, 2010

content in loving

you know, I never really know how to start my entries off. Sometimes I have written 2 or 3 different openings or introductions but I just erase them because I feel kinda weird saying hello or something..ya know? I mean, I dunno...never mind. I am just weird like that.

What a week so far! Its already Friday, I can't believe it! It feels like it was Monday just yesterday, I don't want to sound like I am complaining. Because I am not, I am very happy this week is over! No school till Monday, not even homework to worry about, next week is the final week of the term and then I will be one step closer to being done with school.

I've thought about what I had written down in my last entry a lot, and I am still upset about the way the class interacts and how sometimes the Chef's don't..but all I have to do is just stay positive. That is all I have to do. I need to look at each term as being one step closer to be over, and then graduation. At the school they give out awards, just to name a couple: Dean's list, Perfect attendance and other ones. I have received perfect attendance two time in a row now, and I also won the "Biggest Impact" award. That award is chosen by all of the Chef instructors and based on our work ethic and professionalism, and a bunch of other good stuff. The chefs chose me! I was humbled..and kinda slapped in the face

Because I thought back to my entry and how I put down my classmates, chefs, and even the director of the school...that does not look like I show professionalism or had good ethic. It shows selfishness and no love at all.

Love is hard. and I am not talking the love I have for my new phone that can do everything..(GO DROID!) But the love that God wants us to have for everyone. Some verses that come to mind are: Galatians 5:14, Galatians 5:22-23, Philippians 2: ( this whole chapter was a slap in the face..)
and of course the 'love' chapter in 1st corinthians.

All of these verses I have read before, all of them. But every time I read them I find a new way to apply them to my life, and its always a slap in the face. Never just a tap on the shoulder or anything..but a SLAP...god is tricky like that sometimes. and then i think, 'god, i do show your love to people, i do put others before me, i can be humble..' then i realized. i don't..not with everyone at least..dang..another slap..

So this will be my new trial in my life. being content in loving everyone, sharing Christ's love and following his example..

till later

-corey joseph

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