May 31, 2010

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I know, I haven't been on here in a while. I am not sure why, I always think about blogging, but never do it, but yeahh.. Um I can't think of what to write right now, but I thought I might put in a paper that I had to write for my externship with the Founder's Inn (also my job..)

tell me what you think:

Since I began my externship and working full time at the Founder’s Inn, I have been able to put many things I have been taught at school and apply them at my job. Through each chef instructor I have gained knowledge on so many different applications of the culinary world that I am surprised that I can remember them! For example, start way back in the beginning of my adventure through culinary school, in my first class. In culinary techniques I was taught knife cuts/skills and sauces, by the end of that class I never wanted to see a carrot again. But, with the instruction and demonstration from my chef instructor I was taught proper knife cut which helped me gain my position at the Founder’s Inn.

From there I would jump up to the three classes that have probably helped me the most with both my externship and my job. I had taken Food Theory, A La Carte, and International one right after another. Three classes of big productions, but each contained different learning elements. In Food Theory I was taught about the healthier side of cooking, creating great tasting dishes but not have them being completely unhealthy. Not only was it learning of different ingredients to cook with but also cooking methods.

In A La Carte, I was taught some of the different cuisines that reside in the United States, finding and putting together menus that would be designed around a certain cuisine I was taught about. Through A La Carte and International I was taught about plate presentation, eye appeal, and both were small restaurant simulators and my team and I produced a menu for service each night.

Overall, I have taken a lot of knowledge from my schooling here at Culinary Institute of Virginia and have put it to work.

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