March 31, 2010

First night at the Swan!

So last night was my first night working at the swan, and it was great!

Really chill, the restaurant was not that busy so that gave me time to learn where everything is up front and how put the plates together.

This is the open kitchen in the Swan. Thats where I work!! Its super fun, and then this is the dining room for the Swan. Its really nice.

I went out and worked a banquet for a hour or two, then came back to the Swan. It was a really slow night. Thursday though is going to be busy, that is the night of our Pasta Buffet! They did just about 180 people last week so we are hoping for some growth!

I can't wait to go into work on Thursday! Ready to actually do something and not just be standing around! :D

Hope all is well out there!

Till later

- Corey Joseph

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