March 22, 2010

What a weekend -

Wow, I had such a great weekend.

It started with school of course Saturday morning. In class we broke down an entire leg of a lamb, and a side of a lamb too! So if anyone out there needs help fabricating lamb or anything else for that matter I can help you out!

Class was fun, it is always fun with Chef B. He is my favorite Chef Instructor we have there. After class, went home cleaned up and got ready for band practice.

Band practice went smoothly, after practice me and the dudes were going to chill out and hangout at the office all night. We made a surprising trip down to EC to pick up one other friend. He was stunned that we were there. We came back home to the office and stayed up till 3am playing video games, making some music, was great.

We all had to get up early for setup at church and practice! I was ready! I love church days, they are my absolute favorite. I love being in community with my friends and family there.

Right in the middle of church I got a call from Founders Inn. They wanted to HIRE ME!!!

Whoo HOO!!! I was surprised, I was not expecting it at all. I was so happy and excited I was dancing around the bathroom at church! After church and we got all packed up I called them back to get final details and such, so I will be starting next monday!

I will be working on the A La Carte line on the night shift, so sweet! One sad thing about working nights is that I might have to go to day-time classes. So if that happens that will be weird! I am going to miss my class, we've been together since the beginning and I don't wanna leave them!

BUT - we will have to see what happens. I have to talk with people from school and see what I can do, and then I gotta talk with my Chef's at work.

And then I gotta talk with CFA! I really think it would be best if I have my last day be this coming Friday. I need to get things started with Founder's Inn, ya know?! We'll see what happens, I just gotta talk to too many people...

But its all good, I'm giving it all to God and he is going to handle it and control it!

Till later

-Corey Joseph

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