March 15, 2010

The time is drawing near!!!!

Wow, so much has been going since my last post!!

The valentines banquet went super well. The food came out great, I had great help from my friends and some of the teens that were working the banquet! Thanks guys! You all were awesome!

I got so many "good jobs", and " oh my gosh, it was so good!" or "I want the recipe!", I felt really good after it was all over. I can't wait till next year!

Life is in a good spot right now I would say - Starting tomorrow, I will be doing a working interview with The Founders Inn in VA beach! I will be going in tomorrow, thurs, friday, and sat. I am super stok'd! I had applied there almost three weeks ago, and not having heard anything from them I had given up hope. But the Chef called me on Sunday and we talked and worked out this schedule! AND, I will be getting paid for doing this interview, thats pretty cool!

I am really nervous though, I have no idea what to expect. I don't know what I will be doing for 8 hours!? But overall I am excited, and open-minded ready to learn!

I am planning on my last day of working at Chick-fil-A be the 1st of April. No its no April fools, I am for real! haha!! It is just time, I am ready to get out of that place and grow and into something that I love. Nothing against Chick-fil-A or nothing but thats not what I want anymore!

I'm really going to miss working with my crew though, and seeing all of my favorite customers! So many of my normal customers have told to tell them where I will going that way they can come visit! Aww, I am going to miss them!

I am making it my goal to keep this things updated on a more daily basis, I want to document everything that I do during the next couple days in this working interview process! So I will be back! You can count on it!

Till later

-Corey Joseph

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