February 11, 2010

June 2009 - February 2010?!

Wow, I am just really really bad at this jornaling thing aren't I? I just don't even know where to start, should I begin with school, or work, or life...hmm

Ok, I guess I will start with school. School is fantastic, there has not been a day that I don't dread driving to school. Since June, I have completed 6 of our lab classes, and 5 management classes. I passed a certification exam and I am now certified with understand the basics of nutrition! Haha, I still laugh whenever I look at that certificate. Really it means nothing, but it looks really good on the Resume!

The class I am in now is going great, we are in International Cuisine. So I am learning all about different styles of cooking and ingredients. Mainly learning about Spainish, French, Italian, and little German thrown in there. I love the chef instructor I have for this one. He really knows his stuff when it comes to culinary knowledge. I will be done will school inn January! That is crazy to think about, I am so ready though! Even though I love it so much, I am ready to be school free and just have fun in a kitchen, producing good foods.

Everyone always asks me what I am going to do after school..honestly I have no idea! It is all up to God, and where he leads me. Thoughts of opening up my own catering business, or personal chef business is something that I have been thinking a lot about. I don't know what it is, but I just love cooking for other people, like cooking in a restaurant is fun and stuff. But having that personal level with the person eating your food makes me even happier!

Soo, that leads to the next topic, Valentines Day!! No, I still don't have a Valentine, but its all good. Tomorrow is Stokd's Second Annual Valentines Banquet and I am catering it! I planned the whole menu, and will be preparing it! I am just so excited, I really want this to be a great night of fun for the couples of NBCC. Speaking of which, being at NBCC about a year and a half now. It has been amazing! I love my church family, and the friends that I have gained from there. I truely love going to church and its awesome. I love seeing my friends, and going to college group, and helping out at PIN, it all is so great! I just love it.

I think one last thing for now, and then I should get some sleep. Its 11:30Pm and I got a busy day tomorrow! But the one thing that I am so excited and scared for; I am leaving Chick-fil-A in two months! YES! Finally, after 4 years and 6 months of working there in April I will be outta there!

Why? Well, it is just time for me to move on, I need to find a job that can and will help me inprove my skills in the kitchen, a job that I will love to do, and be able to have fun. A lot of things has changed at Chick-fil-A, and not that they are all bad, and not that I am just running away from them. Its just...time. But I am really excited, it feels weird looking for jobs. I found this one restuarant that I would love to work at. Its exactly what I am looking for.

So I will update more, but I need to sleep some.

-Corey Joseph

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