March 26, 2010

What a day -

So today was the "big" day...and let me tell you that it was a bittersweet day.

Don't get me wrong, I am so excited that I am moving on with my life, pursuing a job in what I LOVE doing, putting everything I am learning to hand and sharping my skill. But it was a little hard to say bye to people today.

Even to some of my normal customers that have been coming in for the years I have been there! I am really going to miss working with some of the people there, and it is going to be hard to stay touch with some of them. I am not sure how crazy my life is going to get after this weekend...I am going to be pretty busy. haha

On Sunday, a couple of ladies from work are throwing me a Surprise going away party kinda thing...yeah I know. How is it a surprise if I know about it? I am just good..haha! Dad told me tonight to be ready for a bigger turnout then I would think. Mmm, its going to be fun though!

Its going to be nice to kinda have a weekend off before starting at the Inn on Tuesday. I go in on Monday to do final paperwork and such. Get my name-tag, uniform. I am excited that both of my uniforms now are Chef's attire. Less to worry about! I really cannot wait to get into the kitchen and have FUN!!

It was a good day today. I am happy. And all the Thanks and Glory goes to God no matter what!

Till later

-Corey Joseph

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