March 19, 2010

Its only been three days...

Okay, I know I said that I would do this daily. But I've been worn out this week. And that surprises me, I haven't been like tired but I've just been worn out.

Tues, Thurs, and today I did my "working interview" at The Founders Inn. I have had fun, done alot of work! Tues I went in at 9am and began cutting up carrots and other various veggies for a Stir Fry station they had on Thursday night for a huge banquet. After the carrots, I began preparing a Avacado, Mango and Shrimp stuffing for wontons, made over 250 of those wontons. Prepared and wrapped over 250 beef empanadas! Segmented over 35 grapefruits for a flambe. I left the Inn at 7 that night!

Thursday, I came in knowing it was the day of the huge banquet. I did not know that I would be working out on the floor of the banquet, I was stationed at the carving station carving beef tenderloin and whole chickens. That was fun, I wasn't scared or anything. I was just stunned that they put me out there. And not only did I not know I was working the banquet, but I did not know what the banquet was for. It was the MAN himself Pat Robertson's 80th birthday celebration!!!!! Crazy! I never saw the guy...I mean..I saw him at his table but he never came to my station. Which was okay haha...

That was fun, and then today I was out in the restuarant sqeezing fresh orange juice for guests. After washing all the juice and plup off of my arms, I did some more prep for a big dinner tomorrow night.

I really did have a great time at the Inn, I gain some new knowledge on how to cook for banquets and such. Some new tips and tricks.

BUT -- To be honest, I don't know if I am going to get the job, or even if I want to work there, or even if they were really looking to hire me. When the Chefs first called me they said that they were shorthanded and needing help for the hige banquet, and so they decided to bring me in for a "working interview" and we'll see what happens. So thats what I did, but all this week it hasn't felt like they were looking for someone to hire, just someone to cover their butts and help out with the banquet. I like the Chefs a lot, the Excecutive Chef is a super cool guy. No matter what happens I am getting paid for all my time their so if I am not hired then..whatever.

It just kinda sucks cause I really would like working there, but we will just have to see what happens.

In other CJ news -

Life is Life. Work is not a subject I want to talk about. Why? Cause no matter what I am leaving in two weeks and so I am trying not to have a good attitude and leave happy. I am super excited about this new chapter of my life, knowing that I had a job to jump right into after leaving would make me even more excited but none the less I am still excited.

School is school, I really want it to be over now. I mean I still love learning new things and everything, but my life would be a little more open and less conflicted without school. But I just gotta keep thinking January! January!! January!!!

Church is great. I love my friends, and I enjoy just hanging out with them even if were doing nothing. I love it. I am always yearning for it.

I also love my God. His love for me is incredible, cuz there are numerous times that I know I wouldn't love me, but he does unconditionally. Incredible.

Taking the muchkins out for dinner tonight, haven't really seen them all week so we are going to go do something to tonight..

I think thats all for now,

Till later

- Corey Joseph

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