October 1, 2008

So Hello Blogger!

Hello Blogger!

So I've decided to start blogging again, not sure why. But I think it will be good.

Today was an okay day, I switched rooms with Jacie, (My little sister) and now I have my own room. After 20 years of sharing one I have my own. J and P (thats my little brother) are sharing my old room. P is changing rooms though he is staying right where he is. Which isn't a bad thing. My parents decided that it was a good idea for my to switch rooms because whenever I needed to study I would kick the kids out and all of they're toys and lego are in my room, so they couldn't play with them. So yea...I'm excited though. Its gonna be weird. Definatly.

The next two night, well just tommorrow night now. But tonight and tommorrow night I am working a very late shift at the store. I'm coming in at 8pm, and not leaving till 3-4am. Now tonight I was gone by 1:30am, but tommorrow night is going to be longer. We are changing our registers and all the software and such too, so that is going to take some time. I suppose we'll be outta there around 4am. We'll have to see about that.

School, is going alright. Had a test in math tonight, and did not like it. I just don't like math. I'm trying so hard to remember all the stuff that makes things work, but I jsut can't. Thats jsut a work in progress I guess.. English is doing well though. So alls well I suppose.

Church? Church has been amazing!!!!!!! I started attending New Begininings Christian Church, and it has been fabulous! I love it there, and the people are great. This past weekend all the youth leaders and I went on a retreat to a beach house in Ocean View. It was the greatest exprience I've ever had. I got to know everyone a little more, even if they didn't know it. And so many things happend that its just too much to write down. But the weekend so amazing!

I enjoy NBCC so much, and I've also been going to they're sunday nights bible study for college age students. That is amazing! I've gained so much knowledge from these nights. I'm gaining new friends that are amazing, and I'm so glad to know them. The youth group there are great! The kids are soo smart and funny!

I'm so excited to get involved with this church. I'm so glad God lead me to them!

Thats another topic. My relationship with Christ. It was going downhill so hard a few months ago. Now I feel myself slowing climbing back up this mountain, and maintaining a strong relationship with Christ. I just didn't care about things, I was doing things for the wrong reason, or thought ' oh well, god will forgive me. 'But then it hit me, He won't keep forgiving you forever. Thats about the time I started attending NBCC, and since then my walk with Christ is recovering. And I'm so thankful.
Today, before class I read the book of Jonah, and learned some thing I hadn't learned before! I love it!

Well, I think this is all for now. Its 2:20am, and I need some sleep.
Till later!


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