July 4, 2011

It is time.

You know, so many things have happened lately. Good things, bad things, whatever things.
Its crazy to think sometimes.

I've officially graduated from Culinary school. I've earned my first degree..whoo! I don't know when or if I will go for my bachelors. If I do it would be sweet, but I don't think its completely necessary.

As of today, I have put my two week notice into Founders Inn, and will start a new job with Aramark at Old Dominion University in the beginning of August.

I am extremely excited about this. Not just because of my recent unhappiness with Founders, but its a chance for me to learn and continue to grow in this industry. I will be working in a catering department, I believe with the Ted Constant Center. I don't know what my hours would be, but I hope that I have a actual schedule rather then a week-by-week kind of thing.

I hope that this job will create a little more free time in my life, so I can be able to truly help out and support our youth group at church. I feel as though I am letting my friends down by not being able to be there or help out as often as I would like too. Friends, thank you. You know who you are. I hope to be able to jump in soon.

I played my acoustic in the church band back in May and this past Sunday, and both instances made me really miss playing. I need to make more time in my day to pick it back up and begin to practice more often.

I miss my friends. My friends that I grew up with. My brothers (and sisters!). I need to make time to spend with them. I miss them horribly. I realized tonight that I don't even make a effort to text/email/Facebook/ or Whatever any of them weekly or even daily. I need to do that. I never thought or liked the thought that we would grow apart from each other.

I can't let that happen. It won't.

In fact, today is the 4th of July. Most of the time my brain was yearning to go back in time a few years when I spent a evening on the 4th with this group of friends. We went to see fireworks in Hampton and from the spot we were at, we could see all or most of the different firework shows in Hampton Roads. We could see the beach, downtown Norfolk, Williamsburg/Busch Gardens, then suddenly right in front of us the show we went to see started.

Such good times. I miss it.

I look forward to what is ahead of me in my life. I do hope winning the lottery is part of that plan, or just meeting the most beautiful woman who has the richest of families. I say that with loosely, I just wish the dreams I have didn't cost so much money. It makes me what to just give up and move to a place where I can help and serve without the worry of bills and other ridiculous things.

I will forever love Relient K's album 'Two lefts don't make a right, but three do'. That is the good stuff.

I also need to start working out...I'll say it. I am a bit insecure about the way I look..and its gonna change.

I am so freaking excited about going to Mexico with my friends in two months. I hope I can get all the money needed for the trip.

I bought new Toms, I am also really excited about this.

Also, I am treating myself to a show in DC tomorrow night. I wish I had thought about this earlier, so maybe someone could have came with me. But it should be nice, I am staying over night up there so I don't possibly kill myself driving back home right after the show. I am excited a little vaca in the beginning of the week. Sweet.

So far this has been a pretty informative/random post.
Till next time -

-Corey Joseph

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