January 12, 2009

A new routine,,,

We are 12 days into our new year already, wow. I still think that its 2008, yesterday at PIN I kept dating all the cards 1/11/08! I just can't believe it.

Well, today also marks the start of the Spring Semester for TCC. I've changed my degree from going for Business Admin, to Social Sciences. So from TCC, I'll transfer to ODU (most reasonable place for me to go.) and continue schooling to become a History teacher. I'm excited. I love reading about history and just knowing the stuff that the world went through.

The thing that makes me mad and angry is that its going to take forever to get there. And no one is to blame but me. I was dumb in High School and didn't care about doing my homework or actually retaining the information I was taught. So I'm paying for it now, I've had to take all my basic classes over again, and I've failed College Math two times now. It makes me really mad, and I get a little depressed.

Because I look at all my friends and they have everything right. Everything. It just seems like their life is perfect. And I know its not perfect, cause no one can have a perfect life. I know, I know..

Anyway - I need a new subject.

I am so excited about Mexico this summer! I mean, I can't wait to go down there and see God's work thats being done. I've always wanted to go, but CHCC always had other things going on so it was hard to fit that it too.

Oh, thats another subject! NBCC! I still love it there. Everything about it, the people, the friends I've made, and the kids in the youth group! I've been able to play with the worship band a few times, which I love. I love playing guitar, or bass even. Mitch has been teaching some awesome sermons that get me thinking all the time. Our college group is really inspirational with any lesson we've done, or any activity we do. I am really thankful for them, they really opened their arms and welcomed me to the group and been amazing people.

Since I've been going to NBCC I've been challenging myself, and my faith. With living my faith out loud and being the kind of Christian that helps on the drop of a dime, not the kind that watches what is going on and then think ' Oh, I should have helped, or done something with that.'
And what a better time than a New Year!

Call it my new years resolution or whatever, but. I've realized that I don't do alot of things that are called to be done to live a Christian life. So my resolution is to read the bible more, talk with God more, and live my faith out loud. Let people know what I believe, and live it. But ya know what?

Its been 12 days into the new year, and I haven't done anything yet. I'm so horrible at this. And my thought was that I had a week before school started to try to get my self into the routine of at least setting a part of my day to read and talk with God. But I couldn't even do that. I'm pretty sure I sat around the house or watched T.V.

I need to work on that.

I think thats all I can think to write about right now, hopefully not all of my post will be be depressing or about how bad I am at life. haha.

-corey joseph.

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