February 7, 2011

Just a thought --

So yesterday was Superbowl Sunday. Whoo, I don't pay attention to sports at all, any type of sport.

Yesterday also church day! I have to say that I really needed my church by the time Sunday came yesterday. This past week at work had to be one of the most stressful for me. I try not to let work stress me out, I try to take it one day at a time and do what I can. But its hard for me not to bring this stress home with me and I sit and think about it and it builds up in me. I need distractions when I am not at work..

In turn I can see that it has affected me at home with my family. I snap at my brother and sister, even my parents. I can't stand it.

I just don't understand how they (being my chefs, and even the higher ups) think that what they are doing is good for the business or even more importantly their employees.

But thats not what I came on here to talk about...

Yesterday at church we finished our series called Ekklesia (I don't know if I spelled that right), but the idea behind the series was talking about us as the church. Not a building or whatever but US. We are the church. And yesterday we heard about worship and what it means to worship. Not just going to church and playing in the band or singing along with the band playing. But truly worshiping, and not only at church but in everything we do.

and I know that its one thing I struggle with. It showed a lot in this past week. Through out my whole stressing out I never gave it to Him. I never talked to him. I never gave him worship through the hard times, I mean look at Paul. Paul went through the CRAZIEST stuff, and through everything he gave God the glory and worshiped Him.

Why don't I do that? My life isn't like his, I haven't been stoned, beaten, put in jail numerous times, abandoned. I only deal with people who don't run a staff very well, some confused guests, and some annoying servers. Why can't I turn everything over to Him.

Oh I know why, I am selfish. I want to try to fix everything my self or I just hold everything in till one day I may just burst.

I need to give Him my troubles and worries, rely on him, and worship Him for who he is and what he has given me.

Another sad thought that I had last night, we have a group coming to the Inn this weekend and their name is FamilyLife. Not sure what kind of group they are, whether a church group or business group, or whatever. But, one of my friends and she is the BEST server, came and asked me who FamilyLife was and I didn't know but suggested that it might be a church group. Sadly both of our faces frowned after answering. We both knew what that meant, it meant that we would have a group of picky, selfish people eating at the craziest of times and demanding everything without the kindness that God would want them to show. And not mention forget to tip their servers.

Isn't that sad, a group of people coming together in the name of Christ and they can be the rudest of all the groups and conventions we could have there. As my friend said at the end of our conversation. She said this as if she were talking to a guest.

'Stop complaining and LOVE JESUS!'

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