March 28, 2011

Back in my life

So I've been back in normal day to day life, my vacation to portland and north pole was everything I wanted it to be. Good times with good friends.

great talks.
and of course good food.
amazing sites and views of a new world.

I could definitely live in Portland, that city is huge and packed filled with everything. Amazing things to do, great restaurants to check out. I thought of it just like NYC but way less crazy.

North Pole was pretty, that town loves christmas. they love it all year long it seems. the moose loved me. I saw six or seven of them in the four days I was there. apparently my friend who lives there doesn't see them that often.

I loved the airports. I loved my layovers in the different cities, I know. I am weird, but who isn't in this world. I loved seeing a new part of the world, it made my heart yearn to travel more often. I wish I could.

i wish i had someone to travel with...but i'd rather not write about that. i don't need to dwell on it, i know it will eventually happen, patience is what i need though.

and not just about relationships, but with everything. my greatest desire right now is to claim some independence and own a house. i know that i am comfortable here in hampton roads, i love my life here, my friends, my church, my (kinda, sorda) job. I don't wanna leave it all yet.

i just need to practice my patience in the process of buying a house and all that jazz..its hard.

life is hard.

have i mentioned that i love my friends and my church. because i do.

i am ready to go back to the west coast again. i miss them so much. it was nice to be with them again, they truly are my best friends.

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