March 5, 2011

I am ready!

I am sure people are tired of hearing me say this, but I cannot believe that tomorrow is when I leave for my trip to Portland and Alaska! I am so very excited, I can't wait to spend time with my two best friends. These ladies are by far my two bestest friends and I am so glad that they are allowing me to come visit them!

I am just so ready for a vacation, I have been non-stop working and schooling for almost two years, it feels so weird not to have had classes the last two weeks, but it also feels good too. I've accomplished my first Degree! I can't believe it, I say my first because it is likely that I will go back and work on my BA. But I'm not going to think about that until much later on in the year!

Thanks to a great family who allowed me to borrow their camera I will get some SAweet pictures while I am there and I will definitely show everyone!

My first big trip, my first degree, I feel like life is going in a good direction! I recently stumbled upon a newer singer/songwriter named Joey Contreras. I love any type of musical theater songwriter and this young man's music is amazing, seriously look him up! He has one song titled 'Ready', after listening to this song multiple times I consider this song to be my little montra to keep me going through the day. This is the chorus, I love it! Its like he wrote it for me!

"I am ready, I am getting stronger on my own, heading straight into the unknown. I am worthy so I'm just gonna try. Maybe I will crash and burn, but there are lessons I can learn from every, person that I get to know, loving what can make me grow, who knows how far I'll go. I am ready. I am doing what I wanna do, after all I've gone through, no matter what people say, I'm getting better with each day. I am ready!"

I love this song it has really become part of my everyday life. I am looking for to this new journey ahead of me. Not only my trip to the West Coast, but also my life after I get back. In my job, in my graduation, and also my personal life!

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