October 1, 2010

titles are lame

Okay, so maybe titles aren't lame. Maybe I am lame because I can never come up with one.

I have finished my final management class as well as my last lab class. YEAH! All that I have left to complete are four general study classes and my final externship. So we are looking at about two months! Which is awesome, simply because I will be done with school before Christmas and the new year! Speaking of my final externship, I might have found a little bakery to work at!!!

A new little cafe/bakery opened in Greenbrier and are looking for externs! I actually got to meet with the Chef/Owner and she is really awesome. I am going in for a interview tomorrow, I am thinking that I really might get this. Only bad thing is that my schedule is super tight! I have classes Monday-Thursday from 745AM-100PM. I am going to try to get one of my classes online to free up some mornings.

But I really want to get my externship started this term. And if things go well for the externship this could turn into a part-time or even full time...we'll see I keep things posted.

I have to do today, I don't work till 4PM so I'm pretty bored. I am currently reading Radical by David Platt. Good book so far, really thought provoking, for me at least.

till later

-Corey Joseph

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