November 8, 2010

Hello Monday..

What can I say? I am really bad about writing in this thing. Not that anyone reads this, but I do always think to write in here. But life around here has been crazy!

I started my final externship at the little shop I had talked about before. Terebinth: A Sweet Retreat is such a fun place to work. I have been able to do many fun things. My average work day at Terebinth consists of my making cookies doughs, red velvet cakes/cupcakes, chocolate and yellow chiffon cakes, pate a choux, pastry cream, various coulis and sauces. The list could go on for a while, not only do we have sweets for individual purchase but we also do special orders. Last week we had a order for over 1500 cookies. Two day process, and not just one type of cookie either. I mixed, baked, and wrapped up over 500 cookies myself. I really am having a good time over there, it has really shown me that pastry arts is something that I want to do.

Saying that, do I want to leave Founders Inn and go there full time?!

Absolutely! Some things have changed at the Swan and not for the better. And no I am not scared of change, I like change sometimes it is necessary. I really do like working at the Swan, but my co-workers are the problem. And even though Terebinth is so much better and could lead a something awesome for my life. I can't leave the Swan just yet.

Before I can do that, I have to have a good talk with the Chef/owner. She wants me to work full time, and she really likes my work ethic and production. I can't leave the Swan because I am making semi-good money, i have benefits, and a dependable job. Terebinth is a new business, and I don't wish harm or bad luck but who knows if this will succeed enough to survive the world. I really want to work full time at Terebinth, I am happy there, its what I want to do, and its the hours that I like to work. I am a early person through and through, so baker hours are a piece of cake.

A lot to pray and think about.

Good news, school is almost over! I only have two more classes, I started one today for this term. And its online, so I don't even have to go to the school. Its going to be nice. Come the end of January I will be done with everything for school, classes and externship! I am so excited!

I don't know what I want to do, but I want to do something for graduation. Whether travel or whatever! All I know is that I am going to take some time off work and do something, and just relax. :) I can't wait. Ideas are welcome. I am trying to save up money just for this, and something else!

I am doing Mexico this time! For sure! and I want a house! haha...too much money for all of these things...dang it.

Till next time

-Corey Joe

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