December 18, 2010


Its been a while, eh? Well life has been absolutely crazy for me...

While completing my final classes for school I have been working at the Swan as well as my internship at Terebinth. Forget having a life in the middle of all that junk..haha Life will slow back down come the end of January. My internship will be over and only have one tiny class to take and then I am done with school. I would have been done in January but the class wasn't available this term. :(

I am loving my time at Terebinth, I've learned a lot from the Chef/Owner. She is an incredible person. My time there has taught me that I really do desire to bake and perform in the Pastry Arts. I want to.

Life at the Swan can be stressful, and can cause me to become angered very quickly. And I don't like that. I realized that the other day, I don't want my job cause me to become something I don't like or want. So I have been a little more observant of my attitude and even my body language.

And with as much as it stresses me out sometimes, I like it there. I have met and become friends with some great people. I have gained so much knowledge from my Chefs, and co workers. This past week the three nights that the Swan was opened my co-workers and I did such a great job throughout service. That made me happy, reminded me why I like my job.

By the way, did you know that Christmas is a WEEK from today? Thats super crazy, it doesn't feel like the same Christmas I am used too..and let me be honest I have been a little consumed with I am getting people, or baking for people. Or what my schedule is going to be like so I can make plans with my family or friends..when really its not about that. Not even spending time with my family.

Its about God's gift to me, remembering Christ who was born to give us life. So thanks, but remember what the true meaning of CHRISTmas is.

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