January 23, 2011

I wish that I could..

Have you ever had those thoughts? 'I wish I could --', you fill in the blank.

I have. Everyday. Most times its the same one and its simple. Really. Its so simple.

All that I have wished for is to win the lottery. Thats simple, right?

I have plans for it already too. Simple plans. Pay off my school loans, buy a house, start a business, open a business with my friends.

Of course, I'd give a good sum of the money back to the One who gave it to me.

Lately, I have had nothing but the desire to open my own business and try to make it in this crazy world doing the thing that I love. But I am torn what I want to start. Do I open a little pastry shop/bakery doing what I REALLY love, or go for a small bistro style of a restaurant? Which I love too and one day will have.

I have so many things going on in my life though, and most times it is my fault because I don't know how to say no. Or not that I can't say no, but I don't plan everything real well.

I have too many desires and ideas going on in my head right now. About a month or so ago Chef had mentioned something of a Cupcakery that would be rolling out soon at Founders. They want it to attract Regent students, and whatever/whoever else. I took that idea and began writing down more ideas too it. I've had it written up for about two or three weeks now, I have yet to ask Chef or show it too him.

The things that I want to do, I think, could really bring in the Regent students like they want too. And not only Regent students, but people off the street, guests that are staying in the hotel. I think I could really turn it into something great. I just gotta get the guts to talk to Chef about it. Hm.

A friend of mine is going to look at a piece of property that is for sale. Not just any property, a restaurant. This certain place was a pizza joint once, and a bagel joint once. So its got some pretty good equipment, I am working things out that I can go with him and check it out. Ultimately, whenever this friend of mine buys a place and begins opening a restaurant I am going to be there 100% to help him out, in and out of kitchen.

Too many things going on all at once. And one simple thing that could help make life easier.

Win the lottery. I have never played the lottery.

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