January 7, 2011

Vegan? We got you!

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Tonight at the Swan Terrace, we had a guest call and ask if we had vegan choices on our menu. We don't, but we put together something special just for them. I say we, but it was really all of my coworker ideas. I gave him simple suggestions and helped plate.

So what we prepared for them is a asian themed entree. In the ying-yang shape are polenta cakes. Polenta is a awesome product, made from just corn meal and stock. You can make as thick or thin as you want, the thicker the more application you can do. We have a terriyaki (the darker one) polenta cake, and a regular polenta cake both have fresh herbs to add flavor.

The sauce along the side is a terriyaki sauce infused with mandarin orange. Sitting atop the sauce are four portion of eggplant sushi. Rolled with risotto sun-dried tomatoes, and grilled asparagus.

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And in the corners of the plate is a fresh citrus salad, composed of madarin oranges, lime, lemon, red onion and cilantro.

Simple vegan, but done nice and elegant. And to finish their meal, we had a mango sorbet.

All in all, its nothing incredible and super vegan. But having only 30 minutes to prepare something for our guest I think we did pretty well.

And that is that..

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